Harper Cox. Who is she?

Harper Cox has made a name for herself in the internet amateur porn industry, but who is the girl behind some of the internet’s greatest porn scenes on Piggy Bank Girls?

We got ahold of one of Piggy Bank Girl’s hottest ladies for a quick interview. Here is everything you needed to know about Harper Cox, the internet’s next rising amateur porn star.


So, you are definitely Russian girls. Thank you for the interview. What is your favorite part of your job?

Harper Cox: For me, it’s being in total control of my sexuality, my body, and my future. My job allows me to be financially secure, while giving me the flexibility to plan and work towards the future I want. It also allows me to explore and enjoy my own sexuality while getting paid for it. Imagine that you get money in exchange for doing exactly what you want, while at the same time having a great time doing it. For me, that is prostitution. I fucking love it. I love to cum and getting paid to fuck is the greatest job on the planet.

Besides working with Piggy Bank Girls, you also have quite a few videos on other sites, as well as work for the famous “Bunny Ranch”. It’s pretty obvious you love to fuck, so with all of that experience, what is your favorite position?

Harper Cox:  For me, the best position is smack dab in the middle of a gang bang. I love to feel a strong cock slipping into my dripping pussy, filling me up as I moan around another cock that’s already found its way down my throat. I love it when I get to experience a multitude of strange cocks, facefucking me and slamming into my pussy so hard that my thighs start to tremble. I love the feeling of being used, because I get off on being a whore. I love getting fucked and passed around, being an escape. I feel empowered and confident.

How did you get into the business?

Harper Cox: I always knew that I loved fucking. I started masturbating at a really young age. I just fucking love to cum. I was using dildos and sex toys the second I could get ahold of them, but one of the fucked up parts of living in the US is that you have no access to anything like that until you’re 18, so I started having sex. I loved it. I love having a cock in my pussy, I fucking crave it. Like- if it’s been a few days, I go into full blown withdrawals, I can feel my body aching for someone to press their dick into my tits or blow their cum all over my pussy and eat me out. It’s rare that one man and one lay will satisfy me. I mean, every time I fuck someone, I love it, but my body always craves more. More cum, more cock. Another ass slap, I crave someone to sit and squeeze their palms around my tits and throat so when I scream in ecstasy all that comes out it a little squeak. So I realized how much I loved fucking, and I also realized that I was really good at it. I am a goddess. I can leave the strongest men panting and shaking and exhausted. I knew that I had to find a way to make a career out of fucking, because that was my calling. I truly believe that all people were made for something. I was made for fucking.

You mention in your blog that in your particular experience, and with your brand of work, you feel like the sex you provide is more than just being a receptacle for pleasure, that it’s more?

Harper Cox: Definitely. I mean at the Ranch, but also in my private life and extracurricular work, I find that most guys are looking for sanctuary. A place where they can do and say just about anything without being judged or shut down. They can explore their own fantasies and sexuality without the fear of rejection. I think a lot more of them are looking for a girlfriend experience than you’d think. They need a place where they can come and take out their aggression, and stress, and just all the dumb shit that daily life piles on you. I think that most men handle that best through the conduit of sex. It’s really expressive for them. It lets them work out their problems, and physically exhaust themselves, while at the same time it makes them feel good. Powerful, loved, respected. The thing is that they’re not really looking for anything different than anyone else is, they just tend to go about finding it in a more honest and realistic way.

What’s your biggest turn off?

Harper Cox: Oh, for fucks sake, it’s definitely when guys sit there and try and “save” me. Like, they’ll have just finished fucking me, and the sex was incredible, and I really enjoyed it, and I think they did too- then they just turn around and make comments like I’m too good to be “doing this”, or that I “deserve better”. Like fuck you. That’s so insanely condescending. I think that most of them assume that this is something nice to say, or some kind of a fucking compliment, but I don’t have a Pretty Woman complex. I’m not some fucking damsel in distress that needs saving. I actively choose to live the life I do because I love it and I give zero fucks about what anyone else may think about it. I make really good money to have the time of my life and I genuinely enjoy what I do, so if you think I want you’re crazy fucking suburban hell with a bitchy wife and three disgusting kids, you’re out of your mind. They come to me for an escape- like women go to spas. So for me, this is basically the same as getting paid to go to the spa, all day, every day. Why in the fuck would I give that up?

Thank you so much for the interview. We’re big fans of your work and are paying close attention to Piggy Bank Girls to see what you come out with next!