How to create the virtual novel?

The virtual novel is a stage of communication at which two interlocutors are exposed to an intrigue, to sympathy, inclination, and pass to flirting, flirtation, etc. The virtual novel can be as between people who communicate very long ago on the Internet, and at people who support communication on the Internet quite recently.


If at people who communicate a long time the virtual novel can be a logically clear phenomenon, then how it turns out so what people who are hardly familiar enter communication, flirtation, etc.? You probably have already understood that behind it the sexual inclination of two interlocutors is hidden. Guys are more open in the desires, and here girls not everyone speaks about it openly. The Internet gives the chance to create the virtual novel and at the same time to remain anonymous therefore this method very much became widespread for disclosure of the frank desires.


To create the virtual novel, you don’t need a special dating site or any special masterful abilities of the pickup or other unnecessary technologies. For a start, you need to be defined whether you want that the virtual novel remained in open spaces of the Internet and didn’t go beyond his framework, or whenever possible to combine virtual communication with real life in the future.


Before to begin the virtual affair with the interlocutor which you don’t know you have to understand two simple things:

1) respect the interests of your interlocutor,

2) you shouldn’t hurry with flirting.


Acquaintance. Before creating the virtual novel it is good to get acquainted for a start and to tell about itself a little. If you are the person with the sense of humor can just present good mood to your interlocutor, he surely will estimate it.


Keep mysteriousness. In communication, there has to be a mysteriousness, and with it and an intrigue.


Subjects which can push to the virtual novel. It is possible to begin from far away and to talk about the relations. On the relations, it is possible to communicate long and this subject can be beaten easily in more love subjects in which in leading roles you and your interlocutor. It is possible to begin with romanticism and to finish with the most outright communication, everything depends on your imagination and your desires.