How to become self-assured

Self-confidence is a key to success in acquaintance and in communication with girls. Did you often hear from girls that there are no real men now? These girls lack the resolute self-assured man who could force them to do what he wants first of all and not that she wants. You can be the good guy, sensual, kind, sympathetic, ready to help, temperamental, gentle, etc. All these qualities are good and the girl will estimate them as merits, but she anyway needs a leading male. She will always look for him if she doesn’t find him in you even if she will have you such a good, fluffy boy.


We will talk about confidence and what is it. Confidence is a state, in total which the belief and beliefs form the truth. That is, in other words, the reality of the confident person is in belief and own belief that he can reach what wants. And now example from life. How many times you saw on the street when there is a couple where the girl very beautiful, and the guy, well so to put it mildly not really. You can ask yourself: “What them can connect?”. You probably think that this guy has a lot of money and therefore she with him. Yes, you can be right, but it doesn’t seem to you that there is a lot of such coincidence? Not all have yachts, cars, dachas. And believe me that even the one who has yachts money and cars has no such cool girls as those guys who have in themselves confidence that they can get acquainted with the girl and that they are worthy her.

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