ItalianFriendFinder – Dating Website Review

ItalianFriendFinder is an online dating community that provides a match making service to singles worldwide who are interested in finding suitable partners for friendship, dating and romance. It paves an avenue for making connections and interactions which serves as stepping stones for establishing relationships.

With over 85, 859 members worldwide, Italian Friend Finder is the perfect site to be in finding your perfect match online. Membership Options Italian Friend Finder offers a free standard membership package upon initial registration. As a standard member, you are allowed to send messages, chat, and browse through the site’s extensive database of members’ profiles. You can also check out the site’s interactive magazine. The standard membership allows you to explore the site and see whether this is the right dating site for you.

However, you are also given the choice to upgrade to a premium membership status wherein you can fully enjoy and experience what the site has to offer. As a premium member, you have the privilege of creating your own custom search, sending emails to other members any time, being ranked higher on search results, and having unlimited access to members’ photos and profiles. Gold members have access to ICQ, AIM, YIM and MSN and are entitled to a 24/7 phone support. Premium members automatically qualify to become a VIP member. VIPs enjoy the benefits of getting extra visibility within the site and getting featured in the monthly Cupid Report.

New members are free to join Italian Friend Finder and registration will only take a few minutes. To become a part of this extensive online dating community, the site would only require a valid email address. Additionally, there are necessary fields to be filled out to complete the sign up process. This includes personal information, physical appearance, education, religious views, and occupation. In your own terms, you are recommended to write an introduction and a brief description about yourself. After filling out your profile information, it will then be submitted and an email verification process will complete the whole registration process. You can edit or update your profile any time you want. An optional ID confirmation is recommended which will be crucial if you want to build trust among the other members of the site. If you opt to undergo the process, you will be greatly rewarded with a free silver membership upgrade for two weeks.

My Lists The My Lists section contains your hotlist, favorite photos, favorite videos, winks and emails sent or received. Your hotlist is a list of all members you are interested in. It is available to all members. My favorite videos and my favorite photos contain a gallery of photos and videos that you find most compelling and interesting. However, these are only available to premium members. When checking out another member’s profile, you have the options of sending a friend request, sending an email, placing him/her on your hotlist, and flirting with him/her (hug, kiss, smile, wave, wink). Search Options Italian Friend Finder has extensive search facilities that help narrow down your search. These facilities include the quick search and local search options. Quick search helps you organize your search by members near you, most popular members, popular member photos, and meet our VIPS. Local search gives you the options of searching for members in your local area, checking blogs/magazine articles within your locality and creating/joining groups within your local area.

You can also search for personality types that match or complement your personality. Blogs and Groups There are a lot of remarkable features that Italian Friend Finder has to offer. One example is the blogs feature. As a member, you may add blog posts and blog polls as well as view other members’ blogs. It is a simple yet profound way to regularly bring up to date your homepage. It is a great way of expressing yourself and provides other members of some relevant information about you. Conversely, checking out other members’ blogs will reveal more about the other members’ personality, views and preferences. Creating or joining groups is a great way to interact with other members of Italian Friend Finder. You may choose which group appeals a lot to you and join their discussions.

Discussion boards can be viewed prior to joining a group. Italian Friend Finder Points Program This is the most interesting part of Italian Friend Finder. For every activity you perform within the site, a corresponding point or points will be given to you. Each activity such as uploading a photo or video introduction has corresponding points with which you can redeem for features and prizes. Examples of these amazing prizes are silver membership upgrade or gold membership upgrade for a month. Italian Friend Finder offers a lot of features that are not seen in any other dating site. Additionally, the site has an extensive user base which makes it wonderful for people who wants to have lots of options when choosing their ideal partner.