Different techniques in erotic massage

Our company offers a wide variety of erotic massages – from Tantra style to Nuru, and from shower massage to Opium. Moreover, our customers have an option to speak over their desires and coordinate the procedure. Use SweetSensations.fr to free your sexual energy, learn more about your body, and get control over it.

How to make erotic massage at home

During the massage, specialists can provide different techniques. It is necessary to make movements slowly and smoothly in all styles. It is also worth making eye contact since it provides higher sexual level. To begin with, a partner should put some oil on the body, and gently and carefully stroke through it, trying to feel its energy. One hand should be placed on the shoulder blades, and the other – on the tailbone. After that, you need to begin to smoothly slide over the body, to constantly be in contact with it. If you need to add more oil, then you need to take it with one hand without breaking the contact. One hand is always continuing to do erotic massage. The touches need to be gradually increased. Don’t forget to change the zones – when the tailbone area is reached, it is necessary to rise again to the back and continue the manipulations. The same should be with other zones.

However, when doing massage at home, you will probably feel a lack of knowledge and experience. This can totally kill the process, and lead to nothing in the end. If you want to really release your sexual energy, try using professional services.

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